Monday morning PANIC

Don't panic











Well, hello Monday morning.

You arrived much too soon but we’re glad you are here.  Ushering in a new week.

Because in spite of our anxiety and slight panic about the upcoming week, we know you are also bearing gifts.  We’ve seen it before.

We have learned that these gifts are hidden in the midst of our fear, feelings of incapability and overwhelmed-ness.  We have seen time and time again, it is precisely in those difficult moments that Your strength shines brightest.

You see, we’re not going to panic prematurely this time like we have many, many times before.  We are well aware of the to-do lists, projects due and the 7893 details that need to be taken care of this week…but we are going to trust You.

Yes.  We are going to trust You.

We are determined to launch into this fresh, new week…mindful of Your firm grip on us.  We are not alone.  You, Lord, are with us and for us.  And we will stand firmly on your promises.

We will take one day and one moment at a time.  We will be intentional about asking Your Spirit to be with us as we venture out into the upcoming week.  This time, we will not insist on doing it by ourselves.

So, we thank you, Lord…

Thank you for Mondays.  Thank you for new beginnings.  Thank you for Your Presence, Your strength, Your Spirit and Your Word.  You have given us everything we need to walk boldly through this day.  And for these things, we are eternally grateful.








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