I don’t need to pray about it

When my husband, Dana, and I were engaged, we would spend hours talking about our goals and dreams for the future.

When I met Dana, he was involved in a business.  He was convinced that this business was what He was suppose to do with his life.  He set goals and worked hard to reach them.  He surrounded himself with people who were like minded and had the same desires.  He worked long, hard hours and was committed to doing whatever it took to reach those goals…not letting anyone or anything get in his way.

One day, as we were talking, I quietly asked him a simple question.

“Have you prayed about it?”

His reply was sharp and quick.

“I don’t need to pray about it.  I know this is what I’m suppose to do.  I want this.  I have spent years working toward this.  And I’m not quitting.”


I’ve been thinking about that conversation that took place over 20 years ago.

It was hard.

The last thing I wanted to be is unsupportive of my fiancé.  I just wanted to encourage him to stop and pray about it.

This wasn’t a small issue.  (Although, I think we should do the same with even the small decisions in our life.)  But this was his life.  Our lives.  And it warranted being bathed in prayer.

We can get so steeped in our desires, our plans, our comfort our goals….that sometimes we don’t even stop to pray about them. We just assume they are good.  Right.  And we don’t want to consider that there could possibly be something more right and more good.  We take for granted that God wants us to be happy and we presume that we are obviously the best ones to determine what exactly will make us that way.

I reminded Dana that day that there was nothing to lose by simply asking God about it.  Because if it were, indeed, His will for Dana’s life, He would surely confirm it!

But I knew in my heart of hearts that Dana was scared to pray about it….what if it wasn’t God’s will?  What if God lead him to something else?  Dana really, really wanted this.

We are all like that, aren’t we?  We form opinions based on what we think is right, our desires, or simply how we feel about something and we lock-in on it like a bullseye.

We do it in our politics.  Our churches.  Our opinions of others.

And quite frankly, it’s dangerous territory.

We should always be willing to pray about it.  Always be willing to surrender our thoughts to be in line with His.  We should never assume to have the last word.  It only belongs to Him.

We are treading on thin ice, assuming our thoughts and ways are equivalent to an all-knowing God who meticulously created this universe-including you-and knows the inner workings of all His creations.  His ways are simply unfathomable.  And unless we stop to ask…sincerely ask….what His will is, I believe we are simply opening ourselves up to mediocrity, failure and sadness.

The clay should never presume to tell the potter what or how when it comes to His creations.  We are simply unqualified.

So, today if we find ourselves faced with questions, changes or strong opinions, I humbly ask all of us….

Have you prayed about it?

Because it matters.  More than we will ever know.

May He lead us to a place of surrender.  May He give us the strength to boldly pursue Him.  May He open our eyes to His ways and the desire to follow them.

I have a feeling that this is where abundant life is found.  And I want that.  Don’t you?

Is there an area of your life that you have, perhaps, not stopped to pray about?  Are there strong opinions or desires that you have assumed were His?  Is He nudging you to surrender something?

Me, too.  Let’s pray about it today.



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