More than just an answered prayer

Monday morning disclaimer:

Weekend volleyball tournament + Super Bowl = long weekend and late night.  Therefore = a short post!

Not sure what your upcoming week looks like, but if it looks anything like mine, I just need to remind you (us) of something….

with manAs I write this, however, my heart is sensitive to the fact that I don’t want to draw near to God this week,  just as a means to an end.  I don’t want to lean into Him, only to ask Him for answered prayers.  I don’t want my reliance on Him to be wrapped in my hopes of good outcomes.

 I simply want more of Him because He is the epitome of everything good and true.

Regardless of end results, I want to draw near to His heart so that I may be changed….not just my circumstances.

So on this crazy Monday morning, friends, I would like to remind us that He is capable of anything and everything.  But I also want to remind us that even if this week’s events don’t shape up as we are hoping and praying for, that we would still lean hard into our good and true God.  He is faithful and I choose to trust Him even before I see the end result.

How about you?

Wanna join me as we intentionally seek to know Him more this week?  And yes, we will ask Him to work in the midst of all that this week has in store, but we will choose to trust Him NOW.  First.

What’d ya say?  Deal?




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