The One who calls you

No matter what God has called you to do…today or any day….He IS faithful and will see it through to completion.

He doesn’t call you to do something or be something and then leave it up to you to figure it out and do it on your own.

Yes, it’s easy to doubt our ability but let’s don’t doubt His.

We’re prone to stumble and question.  But He will guide us each step of the way.

Like Peter, we tend to look at the circumstances or our capability-or lack thereof…but let’s don’t lose sight of the ONE who is calling us to “walk on water.”  We, alone, can’t do it but when He calls us….let’s get out of the boat and go.  Always keeping our eyes on Him.

May we remember that we are simply the ordinary vessels…HE is the power and the strength of our message.  It’s never about us.  Only Him.

Thank you, God.  You don’t need us to do Your work.  But You graciously invite us to be a part of what You’re doing.  You miraculously use our brokenness to let Your light shine through and display Your glory!  And we are changed because of it.  In fact, it’s through this process that our mundane becomes miraculous!

It’s in You, our purpose is found!





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