A blessing for you

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Easier said than done, isn’t it?

We want to trust HIM.  We need to trust Him.  But sometimes, it’s hard to relinquish our efforts.  Our control.  And simply rest in Him.

But today, friends, this is what He is laying on my heart.  For me.  And you.

Perhaps,  you woke up with something weighing on your mind?  Something that seems huge.  Maybe even impossible.

Would you consider laying aside your what-ifs with me and simply kneel down at His feet in complete surrender of it?   I know it looks different for all of us.  What does it look like for you?  Is it a big project?  Perhaps, it’s guilt.  Perhaps,  a grudge.  Maybe, a decision made in haste.  A child who has temporarily lost their way.  An unkind word spoken too quickly.  Perhaps, a diagnosis.

Whatever it looks like, our God is capable of outcomes beyond what we could even think to ask for.  He knows us intricately.  He knows the best outcome.  He knows every side of it-even better than you.

Invite Him in.  Lay it down.  Surrender.

Let’s acknowledge our incapability and lack of wisdom and ask Him to supply both in ways that will blow our minds!  Okay?

This doesn’t mean we throw our hands up and do nothing, necessarily.  But instead we listen to what He is asking of us.  And do it.  To the best of our ability.

And then we leave outcomes, solutions, reconciliations, healing and redemption to Him.

We simply trust.

We wait and we watch as He works in ways that only HE CAN.

You ready?  Me, too.

Let’s lay it down together!


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