Hi guys!  Welcome to my site!  I’m super happy that you stopped by.   I hope you will grab a cup of coffee or an iced tea and stay for a while.  My deepest desire is that God would use this little space to whisper encouragement to your heart today.  Please know you’re always welcome here.  Come back often.  The door is always open.


About Me

I was a hairdresser for almost 10 years and I loved it. I adored spending time with my co-workers and clients week after week and was honored that they would share their life with me. I loved listening to women’s hearts and found myself praying regularly for God to use me in an encouraging way that would make a lasting difference in their life! After attending a writing and speaking conference sponsored by Proverbs 31 (just for fun), my heart was changed! God used that amazing conference to begin whispering in my ear… “Katie, you have had a passion for making women feel beautiful on the outside.  I now want you to make them feel beautiful on the inside.  Share my Word and my huge love for them!”  It took me several months to make sure I had heard Him correctly and that He didn’t have me confused with someone else! I still sometimes wonder that -but He has been so patient with me and gracious enough to confirm this time and time again.

As I have immersed myself in His Word, I am overwhelmed at the power it holds and have come to love it in a way I never have before. I have found that when I begin my day by opening this book, my entire day takes on new meaning.  My life goes from black and white to High Definition color! What a gift He has given us in His Word. I want more than anything to encourage women and to help The Bible come alive in a new and fresh way! Although written hundreds of years ago, it is perhaps the most relevant book in print. One that will come alive and change your life!

My Family

I’m married to an amazing man, Dana, whom I love more today than I did 22 years ago when I initially said YES to him. We’re both pretty head strong but we balance each other out and let each other know when we’re getting a little out-of-line. He loves for me to stick my ice cold feet on him at night when we go to bed and he’s much better at scratching my back than I am at scratching his. I adore him and am blessed to do life with him!

My hunky husband

My hunky husband

Two of the best gifts I’ve ever been given are Luke (20) and Allie (18). They add so much color to my life! The have taught me as much as I have taught them. They are one of God’s best illustrations of unconditional love. Nothing makes me happier than when one of them shows their love for me by throwing their arms around my neck, spending time with me because they WANT to, and through their actions. I have a hunch that’s exactly how God feels about us.

Luke (20) & Allie (18)

My Favorite Things

My favorite things in life include starting my day with a cup (or 2) of Dunkin Donuts coffee in one of my favorite pottery mugs, sitting in my faded leather chair and reading my Bible until I feel like getting up. I consider it a successful day when I have laughed with my children, encouraged someone, the laundry is caught up and maybe even enjoy a home cooked meal together around the table! I assure you not all days are successful around here!  If you know me, you know this is the exception instead of the rule.