An honest early morning prayer

you will keep Him in perfect peace







Today, Lord, there are many things competing for our focus.

Our fears threaten to overcome us.  Our weariness seems to be front and center.

And just to be honest, we feel many things….but peace.  The very thing we need most seems to elude us.

So we pause this morning and admit our need for You.  Actually, it’s more of a humble beg.  We simply can’t do life without You.

We need Your direction, Your wisdom, Your peace, Your love.

We are lost and running in circles without Your presence guiding us today.

Would You help us focus on You?  Would you help our thoughts to be stayed on You?  Would you help us shine a light on all we are grateful for and not focus on the things that seem sparse?  Because we do trust You.  Even when we are not acting like it for the moment.

Would You comfort our broken hearts today and mend our crushed spirits?

Would You draw us close and help us lean into Your grace?

Would You replace Your power for our weakness?

We humbly thank you.

Thank you for caring about us.  Thank you for walking with us.  Thank you loving us the way you do.

We are so unbelievably grateful.





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