Are we being DECEIVED?


It’s a powerful tool.  It can trick our minds and distort our thoughts without our knowledge or consent.

And I woke up with this on my heart:


What if we have unknowingly traded lifelong truth for lies based on our momentary feelings and desires?  What if we have it all wrong?  What if we have successfully been diverted down the wrong path and are headed toward destruction at 100 mph? What if we have been convinced that our own personal truth trumps everything?  At all costs.

What if…

What if our perceived opponents are actually our teammates?

What if choosing ‘sides’ has consumed us and is simply just a deflection of getting in the game?

What if we are being tricked into believing that those who are here to protect us are really our enemies in disguise?

What if the moral lines that were created for our good have been smeared or erased altogether…while other hard lines drawn in their place to divide and segregate.

What if we have traded the harder eternal good for immediate gratification.

What if we have sacrificed the discipline of hard work for quick entitlement.

What if churches and communities have been tainted by an intolerant few and entirely dismissed.

What if families are being pitted against one another.

What if looking out for ‘number one’ is a fatal distraction from the joy found in loving our neighbor.

What if technology and social media are all just clever (and harmful) distractions from being still and seeking truth.

What if the color of our skin, the uniform we wear or our political affiliation are all just different different wrapping paper that cover equivalent and beautiful gifts?

What if it’s all a part of a plan of deception about which we were warned?


What if…?



But I am afraid that, as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, your minds will be led astray from the simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ.  (2 Corinthians 11:3)


A prayer:  God, we beg You to open our eyes and hearts to Your unchanging truth.  Perhaps we have been deceived… by blatant mistruths or even subtle half-truths.  Help us to understand that truth doesn’t always feel good.  Or fair.  It is sometimes hard. To live out and to swallow.  It is not self-seeking.  YOU, alone, will guide us as You sanctify us by Your unchanging Word. We simply can not trust ourselves.  Our feelings, biases, life experiences, environment, peers can all lead us astray.  Please help us have the courage to ask ourselves the hard questions and brave enough to answer truthfully.  

In Your Name.  Amen. 





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