Beauty in the midst of difficult

storm skyThis week, this holy week, is filled with such extremes.

It’s like a dramatic sky filled with beautiful hues of light and the darkness of an impending storm, simultaneously.

The stark contrasts are vast and you can feel both in the air.

Death….and life.

Darkness…and light.

Sadness….and hope.

Sorrow…and joy.

And this week, I have personally witnessed beauty right in the midst of the difficult.  A loss of a husband, a father, a grandfather, a friend, a mentor, a truly good man… has left it’s mark on many.  But right in the middle of the impossibly sad, there are beautiful gifts of hope.  And everywhere I turn, the light is shining through the darkness:

  • friendships that offer tears and food.
  • family that hold each other up.
  • strength that has been supernaturally delivered.
  • love that overflows
  • comfort shared
  • prayers offered
  • peace that abounds
  • celebration in the midst of sorrow

And this reminds me what that holy week was all about.  The extremes of life all represented in this one very week.

The darkness of Jesus’ death was so prevalent.  The weight almost seemed unbearable.  And there in the Garden, He knelt to pray. In His darkest hour, heavenly strength was brought by an angel.  And the same is promised for you and me, today.

Yes, we feel it.  Death is so very heavy.  But thankfully we know the end of the story  and know that RESURRECTION and life are coming in a few short days.  Life wins.  Death will be defeated.  And the promise of ETERNAL LIFE is ours!

Because HE LIVES, we can face tomorrow!





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