Don’t be afraid to get wet


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I love this time of year.

It goes in the same category as Saturday mornings, Dunkin Donuts coffee, Sunday afternoon naps, a blow-pop at the baseball game and sand between my toes.

Athletics slow down. Homework isn’t an issue.  And family fun and staying up late is at the top of the ‘to-do’ list!

Along with all the fun activities, I also get the urge to grow and stretch myself in ways I don’t seem to have time to throughout the other 3/4 of the year.

Read books.  Clean closets. Exercise.

My problem is just moving beyond the urge….and actually doing it and completing it.  But that’s a different blog.  Or book, perhaps!


As the Summer of 2014 begins, I hear God whispering to me.  It occurs to me that He is always whispering, but perhaps our hearing is better in the Summer.

I feel like Peter.

Perhaps Jesus had tried to get his attention on land before He headed out to sea but Peter was too busy with life.

But how do you ignore Someone walking toward you on the water??

I’m so thankful that He reveals Himself to those who ask.  And continues to do so until we can’t deny His presence.

As he saw Jesus walking toward the boat, Peter (like myself) wanted reassurance.

“Lord, if it is You, ask me to come to You on the water.”

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m always telling God that I will do whatever He asks if He will just reassure that He is, indeed, calling me.

Here’s the tricky part.

When Jesus says….get out of your boat and come to me, my first thoughts are “did I hear Him correctly?”

I sit and ponder.

I hesitate.

I ask again.

I think about the logic of what He’s asking me to do-or lack thereof.  I think about others’ reactions.  I think about my inadequacies.  I think about the comfort and safety of the boat I am leaving behind and all the reasons ‘this’ may not work.

Until He whispers, ”Katie, you must step out of the boat if you are to experience my glory.”  

You must step out of the boat.

You must step.


Sounds so simple on paper.

Not so much when the actual waves are splashing against your shins and the uncertainty of the situation brings fear to your heart.

You remind yourself to keep your eyes on THE ONE who Has called you.

You try to ignore the stormy waters that surround you and the fact that your mind is pleading with you to return to the safety of the boat.  And the shore.

He is there.

Jesus is right there reassuring you with each wet step.

And before you know it, one of two things can happen if we’re not careful:

1.  you are overcome by your circumstances and your lack of ability.

2.  you are overcome with the urge to scream “LOOK AT ME!  I’m walking on water!”

And both will result in your sinking.

But God is gracious.  It is not in His character to let you sink.  Ever.


Yes, this Summer is full of possibilities!

May I encourage you to listen for God’s whisper?  There is something miraculous He is calling you to do.  It has nothing to do with your ability, your boat or the conditions that surround you.

It only has to do with Him drawing you closer to Himself.  

May we keep our eyes and hearts locked on Him as we faithfully take our first wet step.  Not so others could see us walking on water, but solely for the purpose of walking closer toward Him and experiencing His power and glory!

Thank you, God, for summer!  And for pursuing us in the midst of our ordinary so that we may experience you in a miraculous way.  Help us to boldly step out of the boat and walk toward You.  Our lives will surely never be the same!





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