Drinking out of the mud puddle

We have two furry friends at my house. Cody is a beautiful golden retriever. And then there’s Bella.

Bella is… umm…..well….she’s special.

My daughter adopted her from the pound two years ago. It was sincerely a 6-8 week STRUGGLE to keep her alive when we first got her. She had so many issues. You name it–she had it. Honestly, it almost pushed me past my point of sanity when we first got her. (which some me may argue that’s not hard to do!) I was ready to give her away. Allie insisted, ”If we don’t take care of her and give her a good home, who will?”

Oh, how Allie LOVES that dog! She will do anything for Cody or Bella. But, especially Bella. She defends her. She gives her extra TLC. She watches her. She feeds her by hand some nights when Bella is just unwilling to eat. I noticed the back door open last week and there was Allie feeding Bella. By hand. One piece at a time. In the rain.

Last night, she was getting some ice cubes and her dad asked her what they were for. She didn’t think their water was cool enough straight out of the faucet, so she was adding ice. She wants the best for them. She desperately wanted them to be fully refreshed!

So, what did they do?

They proceeded to drink the water from the mud puddle right beside the fresh, cool water.


She couldn’t believe it! Why would they insist on settling for yucky, nasty mud puddle water when they have access to clean, fresh, ice water? Not only does it taste better, it’s better for them!

Gosh! That’s a great question.

We are just like Bella and Cody, aren’t we?

God does the same for us. Not only did He rescue US from death. He gladly provides us with everything we need. Not just the bare necessities. (water out of the faucet) He truly wants to give us His very best. What we need…when we need it.

And some days, when we just don’t feel much like eating and being nourished, He, too, will patiently feeds us by hand. Bite by tiny bite. He is there day in and day out to provide us the BEST water…living water. The only water that can truly satisfy our deepest thirst.

So why, oh why, do we settle for the mucky waters of the mud puddle?

Cody and Bella’s choices will not keep Allie from giving them the very best each and every day. She will continue to provide them with everything they need and more. But it is up to them to eat and drink it.

God is the same. He will continue to be there every moment, ready and willing to give us His best. However, He will only place it before us. He will never force it on us. It is up to us to decide if we will partake.

Thank you, God, for your unconditional love for us! Please, forgive us when we choose the dirty, mucky waters around us instead of your living water that cost you so much. Open our eyes that we may see the difference. And change our desires to want you more.

Allie and Bella

Allie and Bella



  1. Angelle Duke says

    This is so awesome Katie!! I look forward to getting newsletters and reading your inspiring stories and words!! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Susan Salley says

    Katie, I love this post! I’m a dog lover so this rang true with me. Some of their natural tendencies mirror our human responses and I wonder if God does look at them with as much puzzlement! Thanks for coming to the video taping last week and sharing a fun day with us.

    (PS – let Allie know that I hand fed a Pomeranian every night for 10 years and it was worth it)

    • Katie Graves says

      Thanks so much for stopping by, Susan!
      I will tell Allie about your Pomeranian and let her know it was worth it! 🙂

      I, too, enjoyed being at the taping and can’t wait to do the bible study!

      Thanks, again, for stopping by to say hello!! 🙂

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