Fancy sequins or comfy sweats?

You know, I think my husband is the best lookin’ thing around!  I know this statement would really embarrass him.  But it’s true.  And sometimes, I just want to scream at the top of my lungs, how wonderful, loyal, patient, strong, smart, patient, cute, and fun he is! And did I mention patient?!

He is the best dad…he encourages Luke and Allie, spends time with them, talks with them, teaches them, hugs them, tells them how proud he is and how very much he loves them.  I tell ya…the longer I spend with this man, the more I love him.  No kidding. (Although, I may have to take partial credit for this.  His wardrobe ain’t the only thing I helped him with over the years!)

And yes, at first glance, perhaps there are those who may disagree.  I can’t imagine who…but I’m sure it’s a possibility.

Maybe they see someone who is a bit extreme in some things.  A bit conservative in others.  Perhaps a bit over-the-top.  But you know what I would say to them??

You don’t know him like I do.

I have seen him in all types of circumstances.  I’ve spent time with him and see his heart on a daily basis.  I know his intentions.  He loves us more than life itself.  I know, without a shadow of a doubt, he would lay his life down for us.  Without question.

Is he perfect?


Does he always get it right?<


But does he want the very best for us?


You know, my relationship with God has some similarities.  At first glance, have been one of those people who have been known to make judgments on who I think He is.  Possibly because of the way someone else portrayed Him to me.  Maybe because of my hasty assumptions.  And sometimes just because of my stubborn opinions.

But the more I spend time in the Lord’s presence, the more I see His heart.  His desires.  His love for me.  His direction for my life.

The more intimate my relationship with Him becomes, the more I find myself wanting to stand up and scream the same things about HIM…

He’s awesome! 

He’s amazing!

He’s patient, kind, empathetic, sincere, loving, forgiving, full of grace and compassion! 

He sees my heart and my heart’s intentions and He loves me like no other.  Not only would He lay down His life for me,  (and you) He did something far greater.  He sent His son to live with us, dwell among us, teach us…and yes, to die for us.  He absolutely wants the best for you!  Why else would He have done that?

There are a couple of obvious differences between God and Dana, however…

Is God perfect?


Does HE always get it right?


You see, I’ve learned, that my relationship with God is not like  some fancy, sequin gown to save and bring out for just the right occasion…then carefully put up til the next suitable occasion rolls around.  That would prove to be uncomfortable and somewhat awkward and ill fitting.

Conversely, He wants our relationship with Him to be like our favorite sweats we put on everyday.  He wants you to reach for Him first.  In every situation. He wants a relationship with you that’s comfortable. Reliable. Trustworthy.

But to have this kind of relationship, you have to ‘wear’ Him daily.  We can’t just put Him out of the way and reach for Him when we need Him and on special occasions…or even just Sundays.

Don’t get me wrong, even if you do this, He’ll be there.  He always is and always will be.  But it just won’t prove to have the same kind of comfortable, familiar feel to it.

I don’t want to minimize who He is.  He is a mighty God who created this vast universe and beyond.  One whose ways are infinitely higher than yours or mine.  He is the beginning and the end.

And that is exactly why it is so amazing to me that He wants to be our comfort, peace and perspective daily!

So what’d ya think?!  Let’s go put on our sweats!



  1. Emily says

    What a great blog! I just found your writing through random insomnia google rabbit trails, and I love it. You are so funny and smart and sweet! Thanks for sharing your gifts. xoxo

    • Katie Graves says

      Awww thank you, sweet Emily!

      Ah yes…those infamous insomnia rabbit trails! 🙂 So glad we crossed paths!
      Come back soon and often!

      Have a WONDERFUL day!

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