FrIeNdS….one of life’s many blessings!

As we walk our path of life,
We meet people everyday.
Most are simply met by chance.
But, some are sent our way.

These become special friends
Whose bond we can’t explain;
The ones who understand us
And share our joy and pain.

Their love contains no boundaries.
So, even when we are apart.
Their presence enhances us
With a warmth felt in the heart.

This love becomes a passageway,
When even the miles disappear.
These friends, God sends our way,
Remain forever near.



There are few things in my life in which I am consistent. But very close to the top of this short list, is a little thing called GIRLS’ WEEKEND! It is understood, that unless you are on your death bed…you are expected to attend. Now, we NEVER pretend that it’s easy-in fact, we spend the first night talking about the mountains that had to be moved to slip away for the weekend.  We’ve pretty much got it down to a predictable routine…

Starting the week before, we begin panicking and wondering how in the world we will pull it off.

The day before, we work all day and stay up most of the night planning all the last minute details and question if it’s worth it.  We figure out carpools, kids’ activities, projects due, figure out what to do with sick kids we’re leaving behind, and wonder how many of our children will be left stranded somewhere at some time during the weekend.

Finally, just as someone is threatening to leave without us, we throw up our hands and walk out the door with a suitcase full of sweats and a smile on our face as we decide to let the hubbies figure it all out! Ahhhhh….

We spend the next 4 hours in the car, telling ourselves to relax and b-r-e-a-t-h-e  as we literally throw the cards up in the air and let them fall where they may. It’ll be ok…

Then, we move on to the more important things.

Who will have their own room? Which comfortable bed will be our best friend for the weekend? Who might snore? Who will take the least showers? Who will get up the earliest…the latest? Did we remember the Bridges BBQ?

We then try to spend the rest of our time in the car talking small talk…as we have promised that no BIG things will be discussed until we are all together at our destination.

As we arrive… we hug, we celebrate, and we get out our first pair of sweats. We nestle down for a weekend that will be over before we can say ISLE OF PALMS.

No words can even describe what comes next.

We spend the next 60 hours laughing like crazy, shedding a few tears, and catching up on what the previous year has held for each of us. We encourage, we advise, we empathize, we listen. Something magical happens…and it can only happen when we make a deliberate effort to sneak away from our CRAZY lives and surround ourselves with people that care.

It will never just happen…it must be planned…and made a top priority.

I am so thankful for this eclectic group of friends I have. We bring so many different things to the table.  We all have different strengths and weaknesses.  We each have different personalities. And we all express ourselves in different ways, but I firmly believe that we make each other a little better.

Thank you, girls!













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