God’s life rings

life ring

I ripped open the box.

It was so exciting having something in the mailbox besides bills and Belk coupons.

I knew I hadn’t ordered anything from Amazon.  What was it?!

And then I saw it.  The note inside that read “A gift from Bethany Pridmore…..Enjoy one of my FAV books EVAH!”

My kids asked who is that!

I just answered with a smile,  “a good friend.”

But, in my mind, behind that simple 3-word answer was a deeper one….

-my friend whom I have never met face to face.

-my friend who is facing her own very large struggles.

-my friend who points others to Jesus so well, in all situations. 

-my friend who took the time to send a gift in the middle of her own battle.

A good friend.  One of those special and unexpected gifts from God.  Who faithfully listened to that small whisper, that a girl in another state needed a little life-giving surprise.  And in the midst of her own very real struggles, obeyed that still, small voice.

What a gift!  An unbelievable gift. The book and her.

She had no idea that I was struggling.  No idea that I desperately needed some truth to cling to.  No idea that I needed something tangible to hang onto.  And so her sweet gift came at just the right time. And I held on tightly as it allowed me to get my head above water and catch my breath.  A life ring in the midst of life’s rocky waters.

And I’m learning that’s just how God works.  In ways that we can’t dream up.  In His timing [that may seem late to me at times], but ends up being perfect.  He uses unexpected people in unpredictable ways.  And it’s beautiful.  Simply beautiful.

And that’s why we need each other, isn’t it?!  To be the presence of Jesus in those moments.  Those raw moments of need.  And deliver what it is He is whispering in our ear.  That life ring of a card, hug, call, book, gift, lunch.  Because it matters.

Are you in rocky waters today?  Pray.  Even if you don’t feel like it.  All you have to do is whisper one word….Jesus.  It is more than enough.  He hears you.  He understands.  And He will throw a sweet life ring at just the right time.  Because that’s what He does.  That’s who He is.

He is LIFE.

He never leaves or forsakes us.  He will not let life overcome us.  He will provide.  He will save.  He will work for good.  In all things.  All things.  It doesn’t matter that we don’t understand how.  We just trust that He will.

Oh…and if you are curious about the book that Bethany sent…it’s The Red Sea Rules by Robert J. Morgan.  I’ve only read the first few chapters but it looks to be packed with encouraging truth if you find yourself facing you’re own Red Sea and need some truth to cling to.

Bethany…you are a gift.  Your sweet heart wreaks of JESUS and I [heart] you!!!  




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