Impossible JOY



It’s just 3 little letters.

But these simple letters are complex and rich in meaning.  I honestly think these 3 letters are the heart’s desire of every person.


What is it exactly?

How do you get it?

How do you keep it?

What does it look like?

Can you manufacture it?

We all have made the mistake of thinking that it is a feeling caused by something.  That it comes as a result of an event, a purchase, an achievement, a person.  There’s a hole in this theory.  1 of 2 things inevitably happens when these things comes to fruition:

1) The joy simply doesn’t follow like you thought it would.

2) The euphoric feeling doesn’t last for very long and therefore requires you to move on to the next thing/place/person on the list.

Hence, it becomes a relentless pursuit…a somewhat illusive chase.  And we either continue this endless search or become skeptical  and cynical as a result.

Can I admit something?  Even as a Christian this doesn’t come natural to me.  I’ve often wondered if there was something wrong with me.  And then I noticed that even if I did feel it, I honestly didn’t know how to accurately show it.  Maybe this sounds weird to some of you.  But those of you out there who also struggle with showing emotions, you get my drift.

The older I get, the more I think that joy is impossible.  There I said it.  IMPOSSIBLE.

For me.

But it is entirely possible for the Holy Spirit who lives inside of me.  {and inside of you-if you have asked Jesus to be your personal Lord and Savior}.

The Holy Spirit.  That’s another difficult concept to grasp.  But what I do know about the Holy Spirit is that He was given to us as a helper.

I like that.  Don’t you?  A helper!  Someone who provides knowledge, direction, peace, purpose, insight, strength and JOY.  I believe that while we’re here on this earth, there are many things in which we were originally equipped to be and do….that were lost as a result of sin.  Sin entered and the very possible became IMpossible.

The things that were given in abundance are now illusive.  Without the help of the Holy Spirit.

That’s the crazy thing about this God we serve.  Although, we turned our backs on Him within days of Him creating us,  He loved us so much that not only did He provide a way back to Him….but He also lavished us with gifts.  Gifts of Himself.

He gave us His Son.  His one and only Son came down from a limitless heaven and put on this very limiting flesh.  He came to our sin-filled world and showed us how to live. He relinquished His divinity  and came to serve.  To love.  To heal.  To share.  And then to die.  In my place and yours.   Isn’t that unbelievable?!

God loved us so intensely that He gave us every. possible. thing we would need to navigate through this life.

1. A living example to emulate- in His Son.

2. A manual so we can read and learn about the very heart of God.  A precious book so we will never forget who we are and whose we are.  And a beautiful legacy that can be passed down from generation to generation.  A journal filled with the very nature of God.

3. And the gift of the Holy Spirit….our Helper.  Our Companion.  Our everything.

We are sadly mistaken when we are convinced that JOY simply comes from stuff.  Accomplishments. Or other empty milestones.

Joy comes from something beyond you.  Beyond me.  It comes from above.  Not from anything or anybody here.  It is a gift.  Given to all those who ask and desire.  It is something that goes beyond our circumstances and the events that take place during our time on this earth.  Our joys are eternal.

I LOVE the fact that JOY isn’t dependent upon me.  Aren’t you?




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