In the trenches

Hey guys.  I just wanted to take a minute to share something with all of you special people.  Something I feel that God is whispering to my heart this morning.

So, I was sharing with my cute hubby about this ginormous barrier I feel recently when trying to communicate  with my 15-year-old daughter.  But before I get to it, I will need you to take an oath.  One that promises you will never breathe a word of this to her.  You PROMISE?  K…thanks.

dividerFor the past few weeks, I have been trying to articulate and explain to her how deeply I care about her.  I’ve tried to convey that I don’t want to just parent from afar.  I don’t want to be a distant authority figure who is constantly spitting out requests, corrections and guidance to force her into a certain behavior.  (which I’m pretty certain she feels is the case.)  I have tried desperately to show and explain that I am here – not only to guide and direct her- but to get in the dirty trenches of teenage life and walk with her.  I have no desire  to take away her growing independence or remove her ability to make decisions for herself.  But as one who has BEEN THERE, I understand the difficulties that teenage life can bring.  I SO get it.


I’ve lived them.

I’ve experienced them.

I’ve been hurt by them.

I’ve learned from them.

And I beg her to let me walk beside her!

After everyone was gone this morning and the house was quiet, I was hashing all this out with the Lord.  And as I’m once again sharing my frustration with Him and praying for my sweet girl, I get this all too familiar feeling that He’s sitting right beside of me nodding His head, deeply understanding just how I’m feeling.

In that moment, in the very deepest part of me, I know that I’m just like my daughter.

How many times has God begged me for the very same thing??

All of sudden, I get it.  That’s what He so desperately wants for us.  He sent His only Son to live in the trenches with us.  He doesn’t want to be a God who is distant and far-removed.   He has no desire to take away our free-will and growing independence.  But oh how He wants us to allow Him to walk with us in our daily trenches of life.  Neither is He trying to spew rules our way simply to produce a good rule-follower.  He is much more passionate about our hearts.  So much so that after His Son came to walk, live, and experience this life with us and then die for us, He gave us another priceless gift in the Holy Spirit.  A gift that lives in us and helps us do life everyday.

The Holy Spirit, I am learning, is that ONE who is ready and willing to get dirty with us as we walk each day.  He is our constant companion–leading us and whispering to our hearts as we take each step.  He desires to have a close and intimate relationship with us as we learn to hear Him more clearly and discern what He would have us to do in every situation.  He is God’s gift to us to make this life doable.  And not just doable- but to also make it FULFILLING!

But if I’m to be completely honest with you guys, I’m not sure I have fully gotten that.  I have resisted, ignored or just plain forgotten this gift God has given us in the Holy Spirit.  He so much more than words in a hymnal or Bible.  He is our helper.  Our counselor.  Our strength.  Our always present partner.  Our everything.  And He is beggin us to let Him do life with us and through us.

But you see, God is not pushy.  He will let you do life on your own.  He will let you attempt to figure it out yourself.

But oh, how He wants you to let Him walk beside you.  Each dirty step of the way.  Because He understands.  He’s been there.  He’s felt it.  He SO gets it.

Let’s not go one more day without His companionship!  Let’s don’t assume responsibility that we were never created to carry.  His yoke is easy and His burden is light.  But we must call on Him.  We must allow Him to help us.  Let’s embrace His unbelievably amazing gift to us and not be guilty of trying to do life on our own.  It’s impossible, guys.  We. simply. can. not. do. it.

Oh, but He can do it with us and through us in THE most beautiful way.  Will we let Him?

It’s the question of the day!

Thank you, sweet daughter, for teaching me so much.  You see, I’m with you.  Still trying to figure it all out.  But I’m here.  Please let me walk with you.  We will figure it out together as we walk each day with the ONE who loves us so.




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