It’s all smoke and mirrors

be wise

Do we really believe this?

Is it truly better to receive WISDOM than gold?  God’s Word plainly tells us so but I’m not so sure we’re convinced.

We live in a world that persuades us to chase possessions, beauty, approval.  And for a minute, we believe it.

We are enticed and convinced that these things will, indeed, provide joy and happiness.  And we do everything in our power to acquire as much as possible.  We get lost in our pursuit.  And the distraction takes over for awhile.  Until, one day, we realize we are chasing the wind.

An illusive goal.  An unattainable finish line.  How much is enough?

Maybe it just takes a few years and gray hairs (or wisdom highlights), but I’m finally seeing the deception for what it really is.  It’s all smoke and mirrors.  A time-waster.  A distraction from the truth.  A pretty white lie that says these things are most important….when in reality it’s nothing but a clever diversion of what truly matters.

Wisdom.  Truth.  These are the true game-changers.

Why are these important?  Because it is here that we will find peace.  Unconditional love.  Purpose.  Grace.  Forgiveness.  Redemption.  Healing.  Joy.  LIFE!

And there’s only one place to find it….

Old hands:old bible

I’m so glad that God loved us enough to leave us a book.  A book full of HIS truth and wisdom.  A book that teaches us how to navigate through this life.  A compilation of His promises.  A book that explains who He is.  And who we are to Him.

This changes everything.

What are you pursuing today?  Like Solomon, if God gave you one wish…what would you wish for?  What would I wish for?

We may not have one wish…but we do have a choice.

Let’s be intentional seekers of wisdom.  Are you with me?

I have a feeling that, just like with Solomon, if wisdom is our first priority, God may just throw those other things in just for  fun!


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