Just STEP!


We’re addicted to our GPS devices.

We plug in our destination, press fastest/shortest route and voila….we’re on our way.

We want the  quickest route from point A to point B.  We don’t have time to waste and we get ticked off if there is construction or any other detour that detains us.   Oh, it makes me think back to my teenage days (just a few short years ago) when I was just learning to drive.

No cell phone.  No GPS.  Crazy.  I just don’t think I could allow my kids today to drive under such horrid conditions.  I mean, really.  How did my parents survive the stress of not being able to follow me on a FIND FRIENDS app or being able to reach me at any moment during my travels?  It gives me anxiety just thinking about it.  And they let me drive to Raleigh-3 hours away- within the first 6 months of having my license.

Um excuse me, Mom and Dad….are y’all insane? 

That’s just one more story I believe I will hide from my kids for a while.

Our ability to use a GPS does reduce stress, doesn’t it?   It also greatly reduces our risk of getting lost.  And it just minimizes our anxiety as a whole while traveling.

I like to be in control of my route.  I like to see where I’m headed–ahead of time.  I can plan my bathroom and lunch stops.  I can plan my Starbucks stops along the way.  It greatly reduces surprises.  I like that.  I even know the precise time of arrival.  That’s always good.

Yep.  That’s niiiiiice.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t come with a GPS.

My, oh my, how I have wished for that very thing–thousands of times.  It would make things so much nicer.  Neater. Cleaner.  Doable.  It would relieve unnecessary stress and anxiety.  Really, I would go more places if I just knew how long it would take me to get there, what destinations were on the way, what time I would arrive and that the chance of unexpected detours were slim.

But I have learned that God prefers the good old fashion way.

No turn-by-turn directions–ahead of time.  No list of pit stops.  No detour routes.  Not even a list of the nearest Starbucks.

He simply says, “Go.  I will show you where.  I will show you how.  I will walk with you.  Just go.”

And there lies our crisis of belief.  Do we just step having NO IDEA where we’re going, how we’re getting there, or WHY?

I believe the answer is a resounding….yes.  YES!

We must be careful, though.  I am not suggesting that we just step out toward any–and all– worthy ideas and goals that come to mind.  I am referring to the ones that come from that clear–and purposeful–voice of God.  We must discern that first.

But after we discern that it is God  inviting us, we must step.  We must.

If we are serious about wanting all that this life has to offer, we must step.

If we want to discover our purpose in this life, we must step.

If we want to experience God–in all of His glory–we must step.

If we want to be a part of something God-size, we must step.

We simply must.

And don’t think for a minute that I don’t understand how tough this is!  I totally understand the questions that are flooding your mind.  How in the world…?  How could this ever…?  Where are we headed?  What will this journey look like?  How will I know?  Can I possibly do this?  Where?  When?  How?

All I can share is what I have encountered.  You will totally feel like you are walking through a maze in a dark room.  But I promise you with each step, the next will be illuminated and God’s hand will be there to guide you each step of the way.

Not only does He know the way;  HE IS THE WAY.

He just asks us to step.

May I share something else?  If I am to be a good (and truthful) friend, I must also add that this journey is not easy.  It will take you through the desert, the wilderness, there will be backtracking, and there will be times  you want to turn back.  Lots of times.  But please don’t.

This journey is so worth it.  You will experience God in ways that you never have even dreamed possible.  You will see His provision in ways that will blow your mind.  You will meet fellow travelers along the way that will become treasures and lifelong friends.   Your life will take on new meaning and you will discover the very reason that God breathed life into your body.

It all starts with a step.

HE goes before you, stands behind you, guides and directs you each step of the way.  HE will never leave you or forsake you. He is calling.  Trust Him.  JUST STEP!



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