One of life’s most beautiful treasures


friends praying






Words can not begin to describe how we need this.

We need God, yes!  But we desperately need each other, as well.

We need community.  Friendship.

Friendship that accepts us just as we are- but won’t let us stay there.

Friendship that challenges us and helps us to grow in our faith.

Friendship that prays with us at any given moment.

Friendship that walks with us through the difficult and the messy, as well as the good and exciting.

Friendship that insists on being there, even when it’s inconvenient.

What an unbelievably rare gift this is.  But one that is possible.

Not only do we need this from others- but we also need to be this for others.  There will be seasons where you give more than you take.  And others where you take more than you have to give.

But don’t keep score.  It’s a journey and we’re in this together.

God loves you like crazy….so if this is something that is missing in your life, I challenge you to pray about it.  It’s necessary.  And beautiful.

And if you do possess this sacred gift, do not take it for granted.  Be truly grateful.  It is truly one of life’s most beautiful blessings.


God, we know we need You.  We need Your truth to stand on as we navigate through this life.  We were created to be in relationship with YOU but we also know we were created for relationships with others.  Please give us the desire and the wisdom to encourage others in their faith.  Help us to reach out and love well, even when it would be easier to isolate ourselves.  Help us to be givers and not just receivers.  Help us to spur each other on in our walk with You.  Bless us with sincere friendships that glorify You.  In Your name, Amen.



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