Out of sight, out of mind

We finally did it.

Something I’ve been putting off FOR-EV-ER.

I knew our sidewalk and front porch were nasty. In fact, I’ve known it for years. It bothered me at first. I was embarrassed anytime we had company that came to the front door. As you walked up to ring the door bell, you had to make your way through several science experiments.  All kinds of black and green fuzzy stuff lined the sidewalk like monkey grass.  There were even some pretty, blue paint stains from a school project that SHOULD’VE been painted in the grass….{aaahem}

After a while, I stopped noticing it as much.

I convinced myself it wasn’t that bad. Eventually, the ENTIRE sidewalk became a plethora of beautiful colors. There were no longer any spots of white…so at least it was consistent!

I rarely go in my front door. But each time I did, I was reminded about the cleaning that was so desperately needed–only to respond with an “I’ll get to it later.”

 Out of sight, out of mind. 

I honestly didn’t have high hopes of getting it completely clean. However, I thought anything would be an improvement.

Oh, how therapeutic it was to get out there and start washing off all that muck! I couldn’t believe my eyes!

There were layers and layers of dirt, mold and yes…paint! Stains that I NEVER thought would come off were pooof…disappearing before my very eyes.

I was so excited. I didn’t want to miss a spot! So, after my arms turned to jello, I got my daughter out there to help. I tried to persuade her that it was a new fad of erasable art.


Something we dreaded actually became, well…fun. Not to mention rewarding.

Bright white concrete began to emerge! I could not believe the contrast!

As I looked at all that grime being washed away, I immediately thought about my heart having been in that same condition.

It starts with a just a little dirt. We may be embarrassed at first. But it doesn’t take long for us to get so used to looking at dirt that we really just forget what bright-white looks like. We look at our neighbor’s and there’s is dirty, too.  So we justify and forget it.

Even when we consider trying to clean up a little, we feel there’s too many layers of junk. The stains go too deep. They’ll never come clean.

 Well guess what?!

They will!  All of it!  Stubborn blue paint and all!

It’s a messy and sometimes painful process. But, so worth it.

Lord, thank you for cleansing us! You promise that, though our sin is like scarlet stains, you can and will make them white as snow. Help us not turn a blind eye to the grime in our lives. Remind us of your desire for us to shine. We know it’s not necessarily an easy process but one that is even more gratifying than a new, clean sidewalk!


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