God’s life rings

I ripped open the box. It was so exciting having something in the mailbox besides bills and Belk coupons. I knew I hadn't ordered anything from Amazon.  What was it?! And then I saw it.  The note inside that read "A gift from Bethany Pridmore.....Enjoy one of my FAV books EVAH!" My kids asked who is that! I just answered with a smile,  "a good friend." But, in my mind, behind that simple 3-word answer was a deeper one.... -my friend whom I have never met face to face. -my … [Continue reading...]

The significant triangle

My son loves music. Whether he's singing in the car, playing the guitar on the sofa, playing the drums in the band at school or praise team at church... he loves it.  Percussion is his main love.  Quints, snare, trash cans, bells, triangle, box drum, tympani, countertops, his legs, dashboard in the car.  If you can beat it, he's probably played it. At Easter, our church had a wonderful musical.  Luke's part included several different percussion instruments.  I asked him if it was difficult … [Continue reading...]

The curse of the fast fwd button

When I was in elementary, all I could think about was the excitement of being in Jr high and high school. When my parents dropped me off at high school, all I could think about was the freedom of having my license. When I was in high school, all I could think about was the independence of going off to college. When I was in college, all I could think about was the validation of wanting to get married. When I got married, all I could think about was the joy of having children. When … [Continue reading...]

Transparent grace

Ministry. It's a whole scary thing.  In fact, it took me almost a year to even say my name and ministry in the same sentence. Feelings of inadequacy, fear of judgement, people's assumptions, fear of leading people astray... are very real thoughts in my mind and heart.  It would be much easier to just fade into the background and simply be a woman in the pew. But we're all called to this. Every. single. one. of. us. Jesus called us to share HIS LOVE with all corners of the world. … [Continue reading...]

Beauty in the midst of difficult

This week, this holy week, is filled with such extremes. It's like a dramatic sky filled with beautiful hues of light and the darkness of an impending storm, simultaneously. The stark contrasts are vast and you can feel both in the air. Death....and life. Darkness...and light. Sadness....and hope. Sorrow...and joy. And this week, I have personally witnessed beauty right in the midst of the difficult.  A loss of a husband, a father, a grandfather, a friend, a mentor, a truly … [Continue reading...]

That day the Bible came alive

My heart was heavy. I didn't know what to do.  I couldn't really discuss this with anyone.  But oh, how I wanted to.  I needed perspective...but I didn't want the world's perspective.  The best the world would offer is a shoulder shrug, while mocking "what's the big deal?" But my heart knew otherwise.  It was a big deal and I honestly didn't know how to handle it. After the kids headed out the door to school, I sat down in my old leather recliner. It's my safe space I visit every … [Continue reading...]

Will You carry me?

Just as a Dad always carries his child whether tired, hurt, sad or even just because...SO our Father will carry us. His shoulders are strong.  His grip is firm.  His heart is tender.  And His arms are outstretched.  He never tires. Are you in need of His strength today? Do you need His reassurance? Is it wisdom that you so desire? Maybe peace in the midst of the unknown? His nearness is promised.  His presence is assured.  His love is abundant. Not only will He carry you but … [Continue reading...]

The unexpected fertilizer

We all like a good, hearty, plentiful crop.  Don't we? I love riding out in the country and looking at the beautiful green fields... filled with plants, weighed down by fresh vegetables. There's just nothing better.  Fresh, home grown veggies straight from the ground.  A crop that produces green grass, healthy plants and fresh vegetables is one of the most beautiful sights to behold!  And to be able to personally reap the benefits of such a bountiful crop is amazing.  What a treat when … [Continue reading...]

Out of sight, out of mind

We finally did it. Something I've been putting off FOR-EV-ER. I knew our sidewalk and front porch were nasty. In fact, I've known it for years. It bothered me at first. I was embarrassed anytime we had company that came to the front door. As you walked up to ring the door bell, you had to make your way through several science experiments.  All kinds of black and green fuzzy stuff lined the sidewalk like monkey grass.  There were even some pretty, blue paint stains from a school project … [Continue reading...]