Y'all. I've got lots rolling around my heart and mind today...but the words simply won't come. That's just a part of writing.  Sometimes words flow freely and other times they seem extinct. I always take that as a sign to just listen.  Just listen. So, I will.  And I am. But please know that I'm here and I care about you guys and I'm honored that you would spend a few precious minutes of your day with me.  Really, I am. I know some who are going through big stuff right now. … [Continue reading...]

What I learned on the party boat

I sure did miss you guys last week! I hope you had a good week.  And for those of you who reached out to ask me to pray for you, I was honored.  And I did.  Please know that. Well, my Mom and I had rest and relaxation on our minds.  Actually, I had visions of a spiritual retreat of sorts.  I had my pile of books to read and my list of things to spend time in prayer about.  I was so excited to sneak away for some uninterrupted, quiet time just to reflect and listen...just me (& Mom) and … [Continue reading...]

Why pray?

Yes, I believe this.  Prayer does change things. But more than things...it changes ME. I have always subconsciously categorized my prayers. Answered.  Not answered. They go in one category or the other.  Simple, right? Not really. God is teaching me a lot about prayer and how I tend to categorize the answers I am given.  Or not given. One thing I know for sure.  I jump to conclusions quickly.  I assess the "right" answer before I even begin to pray.   And that dictates how I … [Continue reading...]

The FIRST of the LAST

Tonight was the first of the last. The first game of baseball season.  Of my son's senior year.  The last FIRST game.  Ever. I'm just not even sure what to do with that. The massive amount of emotions I feel about that is simply overwhelming. I've known it was coming.  But, as hard as you try, you just can't adequately prepare yourself for it. I think about just how many lasts and firsts are experienced in this particular year of a person's life.  There are a lot of unknowns.  But … [Continue reading...]

‘That’s nice’ isn’t an option

For years I thought it was possible. I thought I could simply go to church, hear some bible verses and a good sermon, and think “that’s nice” and go home for Sunday lunch. I thought I could compartmentalize it all. In my mind, I could do life and do church.  And live happily ever after.  It was a nice idea and a noble habit.  I thought it was important for my kids to be involved, so we made it a priority.   Somewhat. Over the years, however, I have learned that this is really not an … [Continue reading...]

An honest early morning prayer

            Today, Lord, there are many things competing for our focus. Our fears threaten to overcome us.  Our weariness seems to be front and center. And just to be honest, we feel many things....but peace.  The very thing we need most seems to elude us. So we pause this morning and admit our need for You.  Actually, it's more of a humble beg.  We simply can't do life without You. We need Your direction, Your wisdom, Your peace, Your … [Continue reading...]

And if not…

Some people think that when you become a Christian, all the hard stuff in life disappears. Or it should--if God really loved us. The bible promises us that in this life, we WILL have trials...unfortunately, that is a part of this fallen world we live in. BUT the amazing thing about having a relationship with God, is that He PROMISES to walk WITH us through those storms of life. He has the power to calm the storms (Matthew 8:23-27)... give you the ability to walk on those waters (Matthew … [Continue reading...]

Allie’s gift

This is one of my all-time FAVORITE pictures in the world! I absolutely treasure it! This is my daughter, Allie, as she was running in a cross country meet about 3 years ago. My husband quickly snapped this on his cell phone as she ran past us. Later that night, as we looked at all the snap shots, we couldn't believe our eyes! This is with no filter. If you really look at it, you see she is in mid-stride….both feet are off the ground. She could not be more completely in the center of this … [Continue reading...]

One of life’s most beautiful treasures

THIS.           Words can not begin to describe how we need this. We need God, yes!  But we desperately need each other, as well. We need community.  Friendship. Friendship that accepts us just as we are- but won't let us stay there. Friendship that challenges us and helps us to grow in our faith. Friendship that prays with us at any given moment. Friendship that walks with us through the difficult and the messy, as well as the … [Continue reading...]

Preparing for Heaven

Happy Friday, y'all. Disclaimer:  I want to give you fair warning that this may not be your typical happy go-lucky "thank goodness it's Friday" post.  I know the weekend brings us glimpses of  fun and family time and that is reason to celebrate...(unless, of course, like us, your kids have been out of school all week due to weather!)      << insert small scream here!>> Actually, I've been thinking a lot about heaven lately.    You can't help but to go 'here' when you look around … [Continue reading...]