It would be my honor to come and share at your church, women’s event or conference!  My speaking topics are intentionally geared toward women of all ages and stages in their faith journey.  I love applying God’s word to our everyday lives and I believe He whispers to us in the  midst of ordinary moments.  I look forward to meeting you and spending time with your  attendees!



Rules vs Relationships

There is a freedom when we realize that our walk with God is not a bunch of DOs and DON’Ts.  On the contrary, it is an outpouring of His grace and mercy and His desire to have a personal relationship with us.  There is so much He wants to share with us.  He wants to reveal His amazing plan for our life… exactly why He created us.  And when this truth penetrates our heart, our relationship with God blooms from the inside out and becomes something we desire, instead of something we feel obligated to do.  In this powerful message, Katie will share with the audience:

  • experiences from her own life, revealing the drastic and life-changing differences between a “religion” and a relationship.
  • practical ways to help your relationship with the Lord come alive, in order to experience the freedom there is in an intimate relationship with Him.
  • how our deep-down rebellious tendencies can keep us from discovering our true purpose and what we can do to break through those barriers.

Are You Thirsty?

As we venture out to fetch water in the hottest part of the day, we realize we have a lot in common with her.  You know the woman that has been married 5 times.  The one we’re snickering at as she walks by to get water at the well. We all battle things in our life that seem to offer us temporary happiness or numb the ongoing pain for a moment. As we encounter Jesus, He offers us something very different. LIVING WATER!  As we accept and partake of this water, we feel our very deepest thirst being quenched.  A deep joy and contentment unlike anything we have ever experienced replaces those feelings of emptiness.  For the first time, we feel loved and accepted as the LIVING WATER seeps down into our soul.  In this message, Katie will help her audience:

  •  understand what we all have in common with the woman at the well.
  • discern the life-changing difference LIVING WATER makes in our parched lives.
  • learn practical ways to help guard against numbing our deepest hurt and pain with temporary fulfillment

 Fires in the Lives of the Faithful

We have the misconception that IF we’re faithful, surely God would not allow the “fires” of life threaten to consume us!  Oh, the lessons we can learn from Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego!  They had amazing faith.  They refused to bow down to any other god, yet in spite of their faithfulness, their very lives were threatened.  They were moments away from being thrown into the hottest fire possible. They had one more chance to change their mind and bow down to the king.  As they boldly proclaimed their trust in God…whether He chose to save them or not…they, indeed, were thrown into that fiery furnace.  And lo and behold, as the king looked in, there were 4 men standing in the middle of the fire instead of 3!  No…God does not always remove the threat of fire OR the fire itself.  He does, however, promise to walk with us in the midst of it!  And we will be saved!  In this message, Katie will:

  • discuss ways to deepen our faith as we are confronted with the fires in our own life.
  • remind the audience that our all-powerful God can do ANYTHING….including rescue us in ways that we can not imagine.
  • give practical ways to help strengthen our trust, in the one and only faithful God, when things in our own lives start heating up.

 The Power in those 3 little letters – Y . E . S

What does it mean to say YES to God?  It’s scary!  And exhilerating!   Simon and Andrew were just ordinary fishermen but the day they encountered Jesus, their lives changed!  They immediately dropped what was familiar and followed Him.  Did they hesitate at all, wondering what in the world they had to offer?  All they knew was how to catch fish…and they weren’t even doing THAT very well on that particular day.  But in saying YES to God, they witnessed His great power as He miraculously worked through their ordinariness.  God wants us to learn to rely completely on Him as He works through us.  It’s precisely when we realize we can’t do it on our own, that we get to see His power at work in us.  Are we willing to drop our nets and go?  In this powerful message, Katie will share with her audience:

  • her YES experience as she, too, quit a job she loved in order to follow Jesus.
  • what it truly means to say YES to God every single day, in the little and big things.
  • how YES moments can change our perspective and our life!  Is God asking you to drop your net and come?  Will you say YES?

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