That day the Bible came alive

My heart was heavy.

I didn’t know what to do.  I couldn’t really discuss this with anyone.  But oh, how I wanted to.  I needed perspective…but I didn’t want the world’s perspective.  The best the world would offer is a shoulder shrug, while mocking “what’s the big deal?”

But my heart knew otherwise.  It was a big deal and I honestly didn’t know how to handle it.

After the kids headed out the door to school, I sat down in my old leather recliner.

It’s my safe space I visit every morning.  To read.  To pray.  To think.  To listen.

And that morning, I plopped down.  No words, just tears.

I sat in silence as my heart articulated my hurt and disappointment better than any words ever could.

I desperately wanted direction.  Answers.  And I quietly begged God for both.

“Lord, please lead me to a word- in Your Word.  Just for me.  Just for right now.  Just for this.”

As I opened up my Bible, I began to read.  I read for a few minutes and then these verses JUMPED off the page!  I mean literally JUMPED…

Peace I leave with you

As I read those words, that PEACE washed over me like a spring rain.

I felt heard.  Understood.  Loved.  And relieved….

It was exactly the “word” that I so desperately needed.

I had never really read those verses before that I could remember, so I quickly got out my highlighter.  I didn’t want to forget.  I dated it and wrote a name beside of it.

The next morning as my family piled on my bed at 6:40 am to read our quick little devotion together, my eyes were struggling to stay awake.  As my husband finished reading the daily devotional, he then turned to the corresponding verse that was listed at the bottom of the page…..

J O H N    14 : 27

My eyes filled with tears because I KNEW it was no accident.

Out of all the verses in the Bible, that one was listed?  Sorry, no coincidence there.

It was that day, that I began to fully understand that it truly is a LIVING WORD.  When you open it and ask for God to meet you there in the midst of those pages, He quite simply does.  His Spirit leads, guides, discerns, teaches, illuminates exactly the verses that you need.  Maybe for that day.  Or the next.  Or maybe 6 months from then.

His Word is living and active and equips you and I with just what we need for the moment…or a moment to come.  It’s so much more than an old history book, coffee table book, or special book for Sundays….it’s relevancy spills over into each moment of everyday.  And it’s pages are filled with life-changing truths that exude peace, love, forgiveness, direction, life-lessons, etc.

It’s quite literally as if the words jump clear off the page and envelop you with His presence.

The Word coming alive










It is the only book in print that is living and active!

What is it that you need today?  The answers are waiting….and so is the PEACE!



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