The curse of the fast fwd button

When I was in elementary, all I could think about was the excitement of being in Jr high and high school.

When my parents dropped me off at high school, all I could think about was the freedom of having my license.

When I was in high school, all I could think about was the independence of going off to college.

When I was in college, all I could think about was the validation of wanting to get married.

When I got married, all I could think about was the joy of having children.

When I had children, all I could think about was them being old enough to sleep through the night. (Yes, Lord!)

Fast fwd

I remember one specific (chaotic) Sunday morning as we tried to rally the troops and get to church on time, without multiple spit up stains and poopie diapers,we got out of the car and I saw some of my friends walking in.  Their kids were older.  Old enough to be potty trained and walk in while holding a hand.  They looked and smelled fresh.  I was envious and found myself longing for that day.

Oh y’all.  In the very blink of an eye, my son came home yesterday with his cap and gown, ready for graduation.  Did you hear me?!  How in the world did that happen?

I stop and think….I have been so guilty of wanting to fast forward through the hard.

Just like with our DVR, I don’t have time for meaningless commercials, let’s fast forward (on #4) to get back to the good stuff as quickly as possible.  We have grown into people that have no tolerance for the in-between.  We fill it.  We fast forward through it.

But I’m convinced, that’s where life happens.  In the middle.  In the in-between.  During the commercials.  During the hard day-to-day.  And if we’re not careful, we will overlook it because we are looking for bigger, better, easier.

And guess what?  We will never have the opportunity of today, again.

So, this is for all of us.

Regardless of where you find yourself in life.  Small kids, college-aged kids, no kids, retired, working full-time, grandparents.  Life is happening.  At a much greater speed than we realize.  We can’t change yesterday but we can be intentional in realizing that the good stuff is happening now.  Yes, I know, it may be disguising itself in the midst of hard.  But when God is invited into the mix, the hard becomes worthy life lessons.  The questions turn into meaningful times with Him.  The hurt softens our hearts.  And He makes life beautiful.  Right now.  In the in-between.  In the day to day.  In the mundane.

And before you know it, you have a collection of stories.  Stories of how He joined you in the rigorous .  Carried you through the impossible. And delighted with you in the beautiful.  He’s always there.  And this.  This is where life is.  With Him.  Each and everyday.

My, how I wish I could fully grasp this truth.

I forget.  A lot.

Maybe it’s part of being human.  Maybe it’s our limited, now perspective.  Maybe it’s our reason for continually needing to cling to Him, as we try to grasp His bigger perspective for this moment.

So, when you see me, remind me of this ok?

What about you?  Are there things in your life you would like to fast forward?

Today, I am asking Him for a glimpse of His bigger perspective.  For you and for me.  That we would see Him.  In the now.  Right here.  In the hard and mundane.  And that we would be changed.

He is walking with you.  And although it seems like “this” may last forever and we’re tempted to want to fast forward, He promises that in the blink of an eye we will be standing in His presence.  Let’s not forget there is a beautiful now to be lived.  Let’s grab hold of His hand and walk.  Let’s bask here.  There is beauty right here and right now and He doesn’t want us to miss it.




  1. says

    Wow, do I know what you mean. I too have seemed to fast forward through life to get to different milestones and then you stop and look back and think what all you seem to have missed in the process. I just yesterday subscribed to your site even though I had planned to months ago. I am reading and catching up. Life is full of wonderful moments and some not so wonderful, but I find many times the not so wonderful moments are the best teachers. Like when my mom passed away, what a sad time for me as I thought I would never lose her, but in that moment I witnessed how God can give us peace beyond our understanding. I was brave enough to let her go and not suffer and I held her and helped her to go along the way. That my friend I could not have done on my own. So Katie I applaud your honesty and your thoughts as they ring very true in my life. I wish you the best and will pray for you now everyday. I look forward to catching up on reading other posts. Bless you and your family.

    • Katie Graves says

      Thank you, sweet Cindy! I’m so glad you stopped by and I’m thankful for your sweet encouragement. It does my heart good! 🙂 Hope you are doing well! Hugs!

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