“The Most Awesomest Thing EVER!!!!”

It had been a long day.  As my cell phone rang, I was tempted to ignore it.

It had just been one of those days and  I wanted to finish up and put this day behind me.  As I looked down, I saw it was my daughter, so of course I took the call.

“MOM!  The most awesomest thing EVER just happened” were the first words that came out of my 12 year old’s mouth!  Even though I had a client sitting in my chair- who was just as READY to get home as I was- I had to see what Allie was so overwhelmingly excited about.

“What honey? What is it?” I asked.

Unable to contain her excitement and wonder, this is the experience she went on to describe.  One that will forever be ingrained in her memory…and mine.

She walked out to the garage to find a hummingbird flying around frantically.  It was trying desperately to find its way out.  It kept running into the window and working harder and harder by the minute.  It was as if it thought determination and flying harder and faster would somehow get it to freedom.  Or maybe it was sheer panic.  Allie watched helplessly as the hummingbird kept trying over and over to find its way back out and soon realized she needed to try to help.  Allie reached up slowly to see if it would trust her enough to sit on the object she had in her hand.  When it didn’t fly away, she decided to see if perhaps it would allow her to get close enough to actually sit on her finger.  It did!  Allie could not believe that this little hummingbird who was flapping its wings 100 mph was actually sitting still on her finger!  Luckily, one of her friends was there with her and was able to go in and grab the camera.  She was actually able to capture a few shots to commemorate this special moment.

Allie is so caring…especially towards animals.  She is always wanting to take care of them and rescue them if possible.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a fly, a dog, or a hummingbird…she loves them all! She hates to see them struggle or in pain.

After a brief photo session, she began to wonder if the hummingbird was hurt.  Surely that was the only explanation of how this could’ve happened.  So she took it outside and carefully lowered it to the safety of the grass.   Then in an instant…it flew away!  It wasn’t hurt at all.  Exhausted maybe, but not hurt.

Allie’s excitement, enthusiasm and sheer joy while telling me about her experience, brought tears to my eyes.  I thanked her for calling and sharing it with me because little did she know that I desperately needed to hear something ‘awesome’ after the day that I had experienced.  It was like a cool drink of water on a hot summer day.

I can’t stop thinking about this little hummingbird.  I think we may be long lost relatives.  It is a vivid picture of how I tend to live my life sometimes.  I get distracted by what seems to be a beautiful little area to fly around in for a while.  Before I know it, I realize it’s not where I’m supposed to be.  I try desperately to turn around and figure out how in the world I got in there.  I see a window with freedom just beyond my reach…and can’t understand for the life of me WHY I can’t get there.  It looks like the way out.  But the harder I try and the faster I fly, I continue getting stuck or hitting a barrier.  Surely sheer determination can get me out of here, I think.  So I try harder.  It is only when I allow God to come near and hold His hand out to me as He says…”Please trust me.  I have your best interest at heart.  Freedom is just over there.  I know you can’t see the way but I can… if you will but rest in me and allow me to carry you.  Trust me and I will take you to places that will allow you to soar higher than you ever thought possible!”

The older I get, the more I realize how much God speaks to us through our children.  I have learned more about unconditional love, discipline and guidance as I have tried to raise my children.  I hear God whispering a lot…”that’s how I feel about you.”

Thank you, God, for your vivid illustrations of your love for us.  I am overwhelmed by just how many times (and the creative ways) you reveal Yourself  to us… if we will just look.  And listen.




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