The unexpected fertilizer

We all like a good, hearty, plentiful crop.  Don’t we?

cropsI love riding out in the country and looking at the beautiful green fields… filled with plants, weighed down by fresh vegetables. There’s just nothing better.  Fresh, home grown veggies straight from the ground.  A crop that produces green grass, healthy plants and fresh vegetables is one of the most beautiful sights to behold!  And to be able to personally reap the benefits of such a bountiful crop is amazing.  What a treat when someone shares their harvest with you!

When I stop to truly think about all the hard work that goes into such fields, my jaw drops.

I’ve watched my Dad plan, plant and tend his relatively small garden and have seen, firsthand, the unbelievable hours he puts into that.  So when I see acres and acres and acres filled with such a harvest, it’s mind blowing to me.

I’m finally coming to the conclusion that a  bountiful crop requires more than  our planning, hard work and praying for rain.

It requires fertilizer.  Something that loosens up the soil and allows it to soak in the good stuff– so that the end result is more beautiful.

And one of the best fertilizers there is… well, umm, let’s just say IT STINKS.


Nasty.  Stinky. Waste.

BUT when it’s used in the right way, it miraculously produces better crops than could’ve been yielded without it.

You hear that?!

Maybe you ought to read that again.  I know I do.

You know that thing in your life that STINKS?!  Yep.  Alone, it quite honestly seems like a waste.  A stinky waste.  Incapable of anything good.

But put in the hands of a loving and knowledgeable “Farmer” and that stinky mess will help produce things in your life that will simply amaze you.  Not only will it benefit you, but others will partake and reap the benefits, as well.  They won’t be able to help but notice the beauty of your crop, whether passing by or stopping to partake of it’s goodness.  And that’s your opportunity to tell them about the inevitable stench of the fertilizer but more importantly, about the love and compassion of the One that uses that stench to produce goodness.

God has so many merciful qualities but this surely has to be one of His best.  Using the stench that life gives us (or even that we’ve produced ourselves) for. our. good.  And for His glory. (Romans 8:28)

So before you allow that STINK in your life to overwhelm you, please know that if you will trust the One who is able, it will simply be transformed into the perfect fertilizer for your crop.  And the harvest will be beautiful!

Whew!  Thank you, Lord!



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