Transparent grace


It’s a whole scary thing.  In fact, it took me almost a year to even say my name and ministry in the same sentence.

Feelings of inadequacy, fear of judgement, people’s assumptions, fear of leading people astray… are very real thoughts in my mind and heart.  It would be much easier to just fade into the background and simply be a woman in the pew.

But we’re all called to this.

Every. single. one. of. us.

Jesus called us to share HIS LOVE with all corners of the world.  And that includes your corner.

But here’s the thing.  Here’s where we get hung up.

We all make the mistake of expecting those who are out there sharing and proclaiming the name of Jesus, to have it all figured out.  To get it right.  All the time. When in reality, we are all quite honestly trying our best to figure it out, as well.  One clumsy step at a time.  If we could remember that truth, grace would be more prevalent.

I can only speak for myself… but I am just an ordinary girl who said yes.


Yes to sharing transparently about how Jesus has changed my life.  And continues to everyday.

Yes to being open about my struggles and how He faithfully shows up in the midst of them.

Yes to being honest about my shortcomings and His abundant grace that works in spite of them.

Even when I don’t feel I have much to offer.  Even when I worry about getting it “wrong” so much of the time.  Even then…His grace abounds.  Especially then.  Because He can and will use anyone who surrenders to Him.  Anyone.

There have been so many times that I just wanted to give up.  How about you?

Give up sharing.  Give up encouraging.  Give up writing and speaking.  Because, frankly, most of the time I just don’t have it all together.  Not even close.  But, I’ve learned that’s precisely where most of us are.  In the middle of the messy.  And that’s where God meets us.  Right where we are.  That’s where His strength is most vividly seen…in the midst of our weakness.  And that’s where we can most transparently share with others.

In fact, if we allow Him, He will turn our mess into a message.  Our biggest message.  Because, you see, when we’ve been neck-deep in muck ourselves, then we see first-hand how God can bring us out of it and then we can share about God’s goodness in a unique and transparent way with others.  It goes beyond hear say.  It comes from the most real and raw places of our heart and we can share with those who need that same hope.  And no one can share our story like we can.

So, what does ministry require?

Not a PhD, not seminary, not perfection…. just a simple yes.

Yes, Lord, use me today.

Yes, Lord, open my eyes to You, today.

Yes, Lord, I give you all of me.  Yes, Lord.

Just yes.




  1. says

    Oh I loved this! YES! One simple but hard YES can change our entire course. I am so glad that I said Yes as well. Thank you for sharing your heart! Look forward to reading more from your blog!

    • Katie Graves says

      Heather, thank you for your sweet words and for sharing your experience with those 3 little letters! Y.E.S. They are life-changing, aren’t they?


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