Waiting Well


Who’s got time for it?

Slow cars.  Waiting rooms.  A line at Starbucks.  The right mate.  A diagnosis.


Ain’t nobody got time to wait.  We’ve got people to see and places to go.  We want what we want and we want it NOW.  We want this fast-paced society to hurry up.


In fact, I would submit that when we find ourselves in a quiet spot long enough to actually take a deep breath and realize, mmm….this is actually kinda nice, that guilt actually starts to set in because we feel like we should be doing something.

And heaven forbid, if we find ourselves in a SEASON OF WAITING, we totally lose it.  Or maybe it’s just me.

“Did I hear correctly?”

“Maybe I misunderstood.”

“Does He even hear me?”  

“He must not care.”

“Does anyone understand?”

“Just forget it!”

I mean, I literally diet and exercise for 2 weeks and feel like I should be buff.  Fit.  In shape.  Shouldn’t there be a noticeable difference after all this hard work??  Visible results.  Efforts rewarded.

I hate to be cliche.  But seriously, I’m learning more and more that it truly isn’t the destination that matters most.  The in between, the journey, the waiting….that’s where the meat is.  That’s where the growth happens.  That’s where the beauty lies.  And it may disguise itself as insignificant in the moment, but when we have the opportunity to look back, we see the amazing significance.

As I search His Word, I start to read it differently.  The words I have always quickly skimmed over, literally start to jump off the page…

-“When Pharaoh [finally] let the people go, God did not lead them on the road through the Philistine country, though that was shorter.”     -Exodus 13:17

-Some say it could’ve taken Noah 50-75 years to build the ark.  (after all, there had never been any rain.  Think there were days he wondered if he heard correctly??)

-Elizabeth, who cried out to God for a child, was almost 90 when she finally gave birth to a son. (that’s over 32,000 days of pouring her heart out to God before He answers.)

-Mary and Martha sent for Jesus to come and heal their sick brother, Lazarus.  (Jesus waited 2 days)  In the meantime, Lazarus died. (4 days (96 hours) watching their loved one suffer and then die, before He shows up.)

-David waited 10-15 years after he was anointed, to become king. (over 3,000 days after being called and anointed, only to go back to working in the field as a simple shepherd first.)

If God, in his all-knowing power and wisdom, knew it was the result, the answer-the destination-that was most important, then surely He would skip right to it.  The Promise Land would’ve been immediate.  There would be no waiting.  Right?

It would be much easier if there weren’t 40 years in the wilderness, 40 days in the desert, 90 years waiting to conceive.  Surely if God loved these people, the answers would’ve come sooner.

And if we’re honest, isn’t that how we feel?  I know I have.

I have watched good friends go through some horrific things this past year.  More than their fair share.  And if I’m honest, I just don’t get it and anger threatens to take me over.  I want the Promise Land.  And I want it NOW.  For them and for me.

So, today, if you are in a season of waiting, may I whisper this truth to your heart and mine?

He so loves you.  Don’t listen to the lies that shout HE DOESN’T.  Don’t fall for it.  It’s the enemie’s oldest tactic and one that still works brilliantly when we allow it.

Let’s ask God for His strength to wait well.  For endurance for our spiritual muscles to be strengthened.  For eyes to see the purpose and necessity of the wilderness.  For a bigger perspective than our immediate comfort.  And for compassion to walk with those on this difficult–but beautiful–journey.

Through it all, may we keep our eyes on HIM.  The author, perfecter and finisher of our faith.


Waiting with you,



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