When a nap won’t do



Sometimes, we are bone weary tired and we know that a nap-or even a good night’s sleep- won’t even begin to help.

Those things help when our bodies are tired.  But when our spirits are weary, we simply need more.

We need a place of refuge.  Shelter.

A place where words or explanations aren’t needed.  Where we are completely loved and understood.

Protection from difficult situations, a tough reality, hurtful circumstances, sorrow.

Because if we’re  honest, the world is good at doling out those things.

And sometimes, sometimes it’s all too much.

And that is why I love this promise…

He provides all that we need.  And He is all that we need.

He is our refuge and our strength.  Our ever present help in times of trouble.  Our comfort.  Our peace that surpasses all understanding.  Our wisdom and our direction.  And yes, our REST.  More than a refreshing night sleep, He will restore us from the inside-out.

May we run to Him today to renew our strength.  May we rest in His goodness and in His love for us.  He, alone, can lift us up.

And He will.  Of this I am sure.  And I am thankful, aren’t you?

You don’t have to do this life alone.  He doesn’t want you to.  In fact you were created with a hole that only HE can fill.

Don’t waste time trying to fill it with other people or things.  You will only get more weary.

Run to the One who can replenish your soul, fill your emptiness and give you genuine rest.

He is waiting.







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