Will You carry me?

I have made you and will sustain youJust as a Dad always carries his child whether tired, hurt, sad or even just because…SO our Father will carry us.

His shoulders are strong.  His grip is firm.  His heart is tender.  And His arms are outstretched.  He never tires.

Are you in need of His strength today?

Do you need His reassurance?

Is it wisdom that you so desire?

Maybe peace in the midst of the unknown?

His nearness is promised.  His presence is assured.  His love is abundant.

Not only will He carry you but He will sustain you.

Sustain:  support, carry, stand, prop up.

He knows you inside and out.  Your heart beats because He breathed life into it.  Lean on His power.  He doesn’t want you to walk it alone.  In fact, He will carry you.  No need for the tough guy act with Him.  He knows.

Dear Lord,Your Word is like life-sustaining nourishment to us today.  We are humbly asking for Your guidance as we navigate these uncharted waters.  Thank you for being our strength, our peace and our wisdom.  Without You, we have nothing.  We are nothing. But with You, we have everything-and more-that we will ever need.  Amen.




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