Old and Childless

Zechariah and Elizabeth have always intrigued me. Remember them? He was a priest in the Temple of the Lord. They had spent their entire lives serving God faithfully. They were rule followers. Probably had the Torah completely memorized.

Both Zechariah and Elizabeth were upright in the sight of God, observing all the Lord’s commandments and regulations blamelessly. Luke 1:6

Yet they were childless.

It’s easy to read over that part quickly. Old and Childless. It’s hard to pause long enough to consider what those few short words truly meant for them on a day to day basis. Hope followed by disappointment year after year.

In those days not only was it a disgrace to not have children, but you had no hope of carrying on the family name. Your lineage would abruptly stop with you. The end. It was heartbreaking. Yet they were still found faithful.

Years of hoping. Years of pleading with God. Years of dreams being unfulfilled. Questions remaining unanswered. Maybe in the beginning, their faithfulness was a subconscious attempt to “barter” with God. Perhaps God would bless them with a child, if they were faithful servants year after year and could be found blameless before Him.

We sometimes think that too, don’t we? Or I sure do. I’m ashamed to say there have been many times that I have gone before the Lord and “read Him my resume.” Reminding Him of all the noble things I had done in an attempt to serve Him. Hoping it would somehow tip the scales in my favor and He change His mind about answering my heartfelt prayer. Please tell me I’m not alone in that.

But along the way, as time continued passing by with no visible answers, their hearts surely shifted. And their faithfulness became their offering of worship. Their humble submission to a God they couldn’t fully understand but had grown to love throughout their years. I do believe that’s a heart shift that MUST take place at some point in all of our lives. A crisis of belief. Will we trust Him even when we don’t understand or agree with Him? Or will we insist on faithfully serving Him only if and when we “get it?”

  • Will our belief in God be dictated by what we see and feel? Or will it begin to take deeper root in spite of all the questions and doubt?
  • Will we allow our faith to continue to grow in a God that we will never fully understand? (At least until we find ourselves in His presence.)
  • Will we reverently submit our dreams to Him when all fingers seem to be pointing in the direction that says….a good God wouldn’t deny you that?
  • Will we make that intentional decision to say “God, I don’t understand or like this. But I am going to trust in You. And Your perfect timing. I believe You will provide what I need, when I need it because You are a good God!” 

Again, reading these words will be much easier than when they are our reality.

I am learning that’s precisely where faith grows. In that crisis of belief. When there are no easy, tidy answers. When we are tempted to quit because we simply don’t understand. And believing Him at His word may seem completely illogical.

And I believe that’s also what Zechariah and Elizabeth spent their life learning, as well. Day by day. Year by year. Trusting in a God that didn’t make sense to them. Yet they were faithful.

And you do know how the story ends, right? Elizabeth gave birth to John the Baptist-the forerunner who forged the way for Jesus. At 80ish years of age no less! And at that moment, God lifted the veil of confusion for that faithful couple who lived faithfully IN SPITE of their questions and heartache and He allowed them to see with their very own eyes what was true all along.

For NOTHING is impossible with God. Luke 1:37

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